Taegeuk Sagye's LOGO

It's the logo of the Taegeuk Sagye 

made with the spirit of Taegeukgi

The spirit of the Korean flag, 


The Taegeukgi was established as the national flag

of Joseon in 1883 (20th year of King Gojong's reign)

and was promulgated as the national flag

of the Republic of Korea on October 15, 1949.

The Korean flag, Taegeukgi consists of

a taegeuk pattern on a white background

and four edges of Geon Gon Gam Ri. 

● White background = Bright, pure, and clean 

● Taegeuk pattern = Harmony of yin and yang / 

                                       all things in the universe /

                                       the truth of nature

● Gun, Gon, Gam, Ri = Sky, Earth, Water, Fire / 

                                 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter /
                                       East, West, South, North /

                                       In, Eui, Ye, Ji /

                                       Father, Mother, Son, Daughter

In other words, the Taegeukgi is nature itself.

The Taegeuk Sagye would like to follow

the spirit of  the Taegeukgi with the heart 

that considers excellent raw materials, 

a unique gift given by nature, the most important.