Taegeuk Sagye's Brand Story

"Our Local, Deep of Nature, Sincere"

Good products are made from 

healthy raw ingredients.
Healthy raw ingredients are born in 

a good natural environment. 

Korea, which is composed of three seas and

more than 70% of the mountainous areas, 

has various characteristics in each region.

Taegeuk Sagye contains the story of 

healthy raw ingredients grown in the excellent 

natural environment of each region of Korea.

"Taegeuk Sagye to promote Korea's 

agricultural products to the world"

The growing food industry, 

however, the use of domestic raw ingredients

has been in place at 30% for years. 

In addition, one-third of domestic fresh foods 

such as fruits and vegetables are discarded

during the distribution process. 

The cost of food loss, which is discarded every year

due to the expiration date,

also averages 1.54 trillion won a year. 


Taegeuk Sagye is taking the lead in making

healthy food based on domestic native

agricultural products so that

domestic agricultural products, 

which are gradually losing ground due to

foreign species, are loved all over the world.

Thank you for participating in the Taegeuk Sagye.

Always be full of health and happiness.