Taegeuk Sagye's E-catalog

The Taegeuk Sagye's catalog was created to 

change the design of agri-food companies and

foster practical talent in the food industry

among various projects of the aT Agro-Fisheries and Food Distribution Corporation.

Taegeuk Sagye and a young youth team

(Team name: NongTamJeong) made it together.

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『 NongTamJeong's Thoughts 』

"It is a 'NongTanJeong' team that participated in

the 2022 aT agri-food youth storytelling design project. 

Through the activities of the design team,

We were able to observe the Taegeuk Sagye

at the closest distance and feel

'the most natural brand'.

It was special and fun to be able to work with

the Taegeuk Sagye that introduces the brand

and Korea to the world.

We hope that the E-catalog produced

by NongTamJeong and Taegeuk Sagye

will help the world of Taegeuk Sagye in the future.

(Fighting of Taegeuk Sagye) "