Taegeuk Sagye
6 Jun 2023
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1. Is one stick a day enough?

>> Yes! If ginsenoside is more than 25mg based on daily intake by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, all six major functions of red ginseng are recognized. Korean Red Ginseng extract THE PREMIUM contains more than 30 mg of ginsenoside per package.

2. Why use 6 year old red ginseng?

>> Red ginseng usually grows the same up to four years, but half of them die while growing according to the soil environment and grower's technology. The six-year-old red ginseng, which has grown through demanding management, has long been trusted in recognition of the influential value of saponin substances.

3. How is it good to eat?

>> You can eat it before and after meals, and it tastes better if you add honey or sweeteners according to your preference. Korean Red Ginseng extract THE PREMIUM  is a high-content red ginseng stick.  Children under the age of 15 need to eat 1/2 of the adult standard, and children under the age of 10 need to eat 1/3 of the adult standard.

4. Why is it watery compared to other red ginsengs?

>> The common red ginseng concentrate is rich, but the more extraction and concentration are repeated, the higher the starch ratio in red ginseng, so red ginseng concentrate, which is close to pure red ginseng, is rather low in viscosity. The red ginseng of the Taegeuk Sagye has minimized the starch ratio and maximized the saponin content.