Taegeuk Sagye's Local Story

The birth of the best raw ingredients 

begins in the region

Korea, which consists of three sides of the sea and

more than 70% of the mountainous area,

has various chracteristics in each region.

Taegeuk Sagye tells the story of

raw ingredients grown in Korean Farms.

Characteristics and resources of

each region chosen by the Taegeuk Sagye

A story of Punggi

Punggi Ginseng embracing Sobaek-Mountain

Punggi-eup, which is located along Sobaek-Mountain,

has a large daily temperature range, good ventilation,

well-drained leaf soil and organic nutrient soil, 

so it has vest natural environment for ginseng cultiaion.

Punggi Ginseng grown in this environment is

a treasurt of Punggi chosen by the Taegeuk Sagye

due to its high effective saponin content,

hard meat, and strong ginseng scent.

A story of Miryang

Miryang Perilla leaves and Strawberries

in abundance

Miryang-si is a place where sunlight comes in

densely as the local name suggests.

Also, the land is fertile dut to the Miryang River,

and the average annual precipitation is high.

Strawberries, which need abundant sunlight,

boast the second-largest domestic production

in Miryang and Perilla leaves,

which need fertile land, grow about

50% of their domestic production in Miryang.

Perilla leaves and Strawberries are the treasures

of Miryang chosen by the Taegeuk Sagye.

A story of Shinan

A salt produced in a natural way

Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do consists of 1025 islands,

is located in the southernmost part of Korea,

and has two seasons, winter and summer.

Natural Salt produced in Sinan, which was listed as 

a World Natural Herigate Site in 2021,

is obtained by evaporating moisture with wind

and solar heat by attracting seawater into salt fields.

Harmful ingredients disappear and only 

minerals such as calcium and magnesium,

which are beneficial to the body, remain.

The naturally acquired Sinan salt is the trasure

of Sinan choesen by the Taegeuk Sagye.