[Instagram] Starbugs coffee Coupon Event

Taegeuk Sagye
6 May 2023

The cleanliness of Sobaeksan Mountain
Korean 6-year-old Punggi Red Ginseng in Punggi area

Where can we get a 52% discount on Red ginseng products from TAEGEUK SAGYE in May?
(Hint. OO tv)

A total of 5 people who get the right answer

will be given Starbucks coffee coupons. 

★A total of two participants who shared posts 

and summoned friends will be presented with 

the "Korean Red Ginseng THE PREMIUM" 

of Taegeuk Sagye through a lottery.

[How to participate]
1. Follow @taegeuk_sagye or @taegeuk_sagye_global
2. Please leave the correct answer in the post

[Event Duration]
May 4 (Thursday) to May 11 (Thursday)

May 12 (Friday) Instagram Story and Individual DMs