[Instagram] TaegeukSagye's 1st team members Event

Taegeuk Sagye
25 Jun 2023

Please join us as part of the Taegeuk Sagye Team, 

which is leading the way in making healthy foods 

using domestic agricultural products as the main ingredient!

[Benefit for activities]

1. Taeguk Sagye's Koeran Red Ginseng extract THE LADY 30sticks (1 box) Presented

2. Introduce the members' reviews on the official Instagram of the Taegeuk Sagye

[How to participate]

1. Follow @taegeuk_sagye @taegeuk_sagye_global account

2. Please leave a reason why you want to be a taegeuk unit in that post.

[Event period]

June 14 (Wed) to June 21 (Wed)


June 22nd (Thu) Story Announcement and Individual DM