Taegeuk Sagye's Promotional video

[TAEGEUK SAGYE] 2023 Family Month Event Video

Collaboration Discount Event with YouTube "부자티비"

[TAEGEUK SAGYE] Brand story interview video

The beginning of the Taegeuk Sagye that I want to resemble "Hanok"

[PUNGGI FARM] Korea Food Exhibition Taste Interview Video
A realistic review video of "Korean Red Ginseng Extract THE LADY"

[PUNGGI FARM] Korean Red Ginseng Extract THE LADY & THE PREMIUM
4 language product promotion video made by Mclive (English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic)

[PUNGGI FARM] Korean Red Ginseng Extact THE LADY

How did the people who ate "THE LADY" feel? 

[PUNGGI FARM] Korean Red Ginseng Extact THE PREMIUM

Ultra-high content red ginseng stick manufactured by researching the use, drying method, extraction temperature, time, and method of high-quality raw materials grown by ginseng masters

[PUNGGI FARM] Korean Red Ginseng Extract THE LADY & THE PREMIUM
Red ginseng stick (The Lady) with garcinia to help break down body fat and ultra-high content red ginseng stick (The Premium)

[ PUNGGI FARM] Video of Agricultural Innovation Technology Video Planning Exhibition
Punggi Ginseng Reaches the World

[Punggi Farm] The entry for the Korea Food Exhibition "Nae Chingso" Contest _ Grandmother's pride

In the video, it is said that it was made to solve the side effects of red ginseng, but it is wrong. It was created to minimize the side effects of Garcia.

[PUNGGI FARM] Interview video of Abing News

Introducing K-food to the world with red ginseng products containing garcinia!

[PUNGGI FARM] Korean Red Ginseng extract THE LADY

A red ginseng stick that combines garcinia cambogia (a healthy functional food ingredient that helps decompose body fat) and high-content red ginseng concentrate

[PUNGGI FARM] First product promotion video 2
Punggi Farm Made with Good Packaging and Reusable Packages

[PUNGGI FARM] First product promotion video 1

Korean red ginseng extract THE LADY & THE PREMIUM, which focuses on the original Korean red ginseng made from Punggi ginseng